What it Takes to Be Your Best

Being the best is not exclusive to famous celebrities. You too can be your best.

Doing something well is what we all crave. Each one of us has something we want to do our best at.

Over the years, I have noticed certain things that people do to be their best. Anyone can experience their best self. I have met people from all walks of life that express their best: from executives to teenagers, and everyone in between.

Here are 3 tools for being your best:

1. Keep practicing.

Most often the winners are the ones that practice a little bit longer. Michael Jordon was known to show up early for practice and stayed a little longer. Tiger Woods is always practicing his swing and his putts. Great musicians and actors are the ones that practice their play. To get better we must practice whatever it is we want to be great at doing. We need to sharpen our saw.

2. Focus on doing what you love.

Being passionate about what you’re doing is crucial to your success. When we have a love affair with what we are doing it gives us the extra energy and determination to see it through. Maybe you are in a career you don’t enjoy. If so it might be a good idea to find a new one that you enjoy.3.

Get a mentor.

If you want to be your best consider getting a mentor to help you. A mentor is a person who has already achieved what you want. Elicit the advice and guidance from this person who has already traveled down the road you are on. This can help you make the right turns as well as avoiding dangers curves and various road hazards.

You can be your best when you practice these simple tools.

Best of success to you!

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