Ways to Resolve Conflict in Your Life

Conflict is part of life—almost as unavoidable as the common cold. Even the most intelligent and ethical people will differ.

Sibling rivalry, friendship feuds and disgruntled co-workers are part of life. With the right tools conflict can produce great results. It can actually bring people closer together when the conflict is resolved.

Here are 3 tools you can use for resolving conflict:

1. Focus on solving problems not controlling others.

There are many ways to peel a potato. The goal is to not solve the problem “my way” or “your way” but rather to develop a solution that meets everyone’s needs. We must practice the “it’s not about me” principle. Get to the core of the problem so you can solve it, and leave your ego behind!

2. Schedule a meeting.

Problems don’t go away because they are ignored. Have a sit down. This is the intervention. The air needs to be cleared and should occur behind closed doors. This gives the people involved the chance to work things out so they don’t erupt into something larger than they are. Talking about it can function as a safely relief valve.

3. Use an unbiased third party.

Who do you know, or who can you call upon that does not have an interest or something to gain. This can be a consultant or an arbiter, or a referee, or an impartial and honest co-worker. This is an opportunity to hear an objective opinion on how to possibly solve the issue. 

Best of success to you!

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