Motivation Techniques to Improve Your Success

Without proper motivation successful business leaders, sports teams, entrepreneurs and sales people would evaporate.

Motivation is a driving force, an impetus, causation. It’s a carrot on a stick, an incentive, an attraction, an urge, a triumphant call. Motivation is a siren song, a persuasive spirit, a compulsion, an obsession. Your ability to get things done is determined by your level of personal motivation.

Here are a handful of habits that can empower you to motivate yourself:

1. Determine what you want to get motivated about.

The first step is to understand what you want to get motivated about. If you had a magic wand, what would you cast into your day? Most people simply don’t know what it is that they want. It’s tough to get motivated if you feel as though you are floating and drifting through life. Take the time to define what you want, in writing, giving thought and attention to all aspects of life such as health, business, relationship and recreational. You can’t achieve it if you don’t know what it is.

2. Create environmental anchors.

We get out of life what we most think about. That’s why it is crucial to post your goals where you can view them on a regular basis. It reminds you of what is really important to you in life. An incredible way to focus thought-power is to place your goals in your office on the wall, in your garage, taped to your phone, or on 3×5 cards you can put in your car or in your calendar organizer. Reminding yourself of what you want is a powerful motivator to help you get what you want.

“If you have enough why, you will find a way how.” Friedrich Nietzsche

3. Know why you want what you do.

Action ceases to exist without motive. Understand why you want what you do is another powerful motivational mechanism. Recognize the benefit you will receive from attaining what you want helps motivate you toward its fulfillment. To create the ongoing motivation that’s needed to get you past the challenges you will face, you need to have strong reasons why you want to do what you want to do. The question is: What will you get once you have reached your goal? What types of new things will you be able to enjoy as a result of the work and effort you’ve put forth? What positive changes will you see in your life? Uncover why.

4. Break it down to the ridiculous.

The only way to climb a mountain is one step a time. The way to eat a dinosaur is one bite at time. This helps dismantle feelings of being overwhelmed. It also provides a system for achieving a series of smaller goals that builds feelings of success. Imagine what learning one new word each day would do to your vocabulary or how making one extra phone call per day would increase your sales. Break it down to the point of ridiculous. This will help to get the ball rolling and give you the momentum to keeping going.

5. Use the power of reward.

Reward power is quite possibly the greatest motivational instrument. If you want to stay really motivated you need to learn how to reward yourself along the way. Images of enjoying a tropical vacation, relaxing over a romantic dinner, or buying a new car, house or boat may come to your mind when thinking of how to reward yourself after the discipline and effort you muster in the pursuit of your goal. Make a list of things you can reward yourself with as a result of your dedication and determination. You deserve the best, so why not work diligently in order to enjoy the many benefits you’ve earned. Reward yourself!

“I never sought success in order to get fame and money; it’s the talent and the passion that count in success.” Ingrid Bergman

6. Discover what it is you love to do.

Obsession creates its own motivational might. Successful people are successful because they fall in love with what they do or they do only that which they love. When you love your work it becomes a passion, not laborious. Many people go to work every day discontented, and their unhappiness starts to spread into other areas of their life. Uncover what lights your fire, what pumps you up, and resolve to do more of it.

7. Use deadlines.

Completion dates are incredibly motivating. Deadlines seem to provide you with focused concentration and the momentum to get things done. Work vigilantly toward completions dates, but avoid wallowing in discouraging thoughts if the target date is not met. The key is to do your best to meet all you set.

“There is never enough time, unless you’re serving it.” Malcolm S. Forbes

Everyone has the power to unleash personal motivation. Perform a few of these powerful habits to fuel your inner fire. You’ll discover an increase in your ability to take more action to get what you want.

Best of success to you!

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