How to Deal with Criticism

We can’t escape criticism. It’s all around us. In fact, we experience it every day of our lives. Criticism has the power to destroy us. It also has the power to make us stronger. 

Here are 3 tools for dealing with criticism:

1. Be open to it & learn from it.

Be willing to learn from the feedback and comments you get from others. Most of the criticism we receive is from well intended people in our lives; the people who care about us. The problem we face is letting our ego get in the way of listening to opinions and perspectives that can help us grow. 

2. Don’t take it too personally.

Criticism can turn negative if we take what people say too personally. Customers who criticize are not attacking you as a person they are criticizing a product or service. A coach is not criticizing you they are criticizing your performance. A spouse is not necessarily criticizing you they are criticizing your behavior.

3. Let it go.

Avoid dwelling on negative feedback. In other words, don’t lose any sleep over the criticism. Take the good from it—and move on. Also, at times the criticism can be downright mean and undeserving. Actors, writers and professional athletes are bombarded by critics. They have learned to let it go.

These are a few ways to deal with criticism you can practice today.

Best of success to you!

Elbert Hubbard said, “To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” 

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