How to Create and Foster Respect

We can all agree that respect is one of the building blocks of great relationships. How do we create respect with people with friends, family and business associates?

We can improve all of our relationships with one word: respect.

Here are 3 tools to use to create respect.

1. Focus on giving respect.

The more respect you give the more you get in return. Unfortunately, we get caught in the trap of waiting for others to show respect before we give it away. Look for ways to demonstrate your respect for others throughout the day such as: listening to them, not wasting their time, complimenting their work, and being polite.

2. Promote an attitude of equality.

People who treat others as inferior imply that they themselves are superior. Everybody wants to feel valued, which means nobody likes to feel less important than another person. Acting superior communicates a poor message to your customers, coworkers, family and friends. An attitude of equality conveys respect for others, which in turn increases the probability that respect will be reciprocated. Especially when it comes to customer service, demonstrating equality diffuses angry or displeased customers because it promotes respect and appreciation.

3. Show self-respect.

If you don’t show respect for yourself it will be difficult to get respect from others. Avoid letting people bully you or push you around, or to talk down to you. Have the courage to know that you provide value. Be confident that you offer value!

Creating respect is a powerful relationship builder. Put a couple of these tools into practice.

Best of success to you!

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