How to Deal with Negative People

Negative people come into our lives almost daily.  How we deal with them will determine if their negativity rubs off on us. 

How do we effectively deal with negative people? 

Negativity can destroy relationships and can get in the way of our personal success by squashing opportunity. When we encounter a negative person, which is inevitable, we need ways to combat the negativity so it does not disrupt our lives.

Here are 3 tools to use when dealing with negative people:

1. Confront their negative behavior.

Sometimes we act or say negative things when we don’t even realize it. Oftentimes people are not aware they are behaving negatively. When someone is being negative let them know about their destructive attitude. Point it out to them. This alone might be enough to neutralize their negativity. It is best to do this in public.

2. Help re-focus their thoughts.

We have all seen kids act angry or experienced teenagers being depressed. We have also seen family and friends in a discouraged state of mind. When this happens we can help to refocus their energy by reminding them of the positive side of the event. We can also remind them of the times when a similar experienced has occurred and that they overcame it. Additionally, we can help to shift their mind frame to a more positive one by having them engage in something they find enjoyable.

3. Avoid their companionship.

If for some reason your efforts are futile in dealing with negative people, avoid their company. Don’t spend time with them. If it happens to be someone we care about like family and friends then take a break from them. Let them hangout by themselves while they fester in their own acerbic disposition.

These are just a few actions you can employ when dealing with negative people.

Best of success you!

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