How to Overcome Burnout

If you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, zapped of energy and pessimistic, you might be experiencing burnout.

Burnout is a problem that seems to be getting more prevalent in society. Burnout can cause depression, apathy and a feeling of emptiness.

Burnout is the new personal and professional hazard. It affects millions of people around the globe and seems to be getting worse, but there are a few tools we can use to send burnout into exile.

Here are some ways to reduce or rid ourselves of burnout syndrome:

1. Eliminate non-essentials.

Burnout’s main precursor is taking on too many responsibilities. Trying to pour water into an already full glass only makes a mess. Working 50+ hours at the office, helping the kids with homework, attending to domestic duties, serving on a non-profit board and so on…  Sorry, you’re not Super Man or Wonder Women, you’re human. Focus the majority of your energy and time on top priorities. Focus on the most important and let go of the rest.

2. Outsource your responsibilities.

Face it. You shouldn’t let the plumbing overflow because you don’t want to deal with it. You needn’t delay on your taxes because you don’t have the knowledge to prepare for it. Is there really a need to change the oil in your car, or let someone else do if for you? Would a tutor help your kids with their studies, would delegating more to your assistant be helpful, and more effective? The key is to utilize industry professionals whenever you can. Don’t be afraid to delegate responsibilities as long as you communicate expectations—and inspect the final results.

3. Take time for daily renewal.

A day without solitude is insanity. Take time to step away from the chaos that we can encounter in everyday life. Enjoying a mid-day lunch with friends or a massage at the spa can be helpful. So, can a day of fishing or skiing, an hour of sculpting or painting. Mediation, journaling, vacations, hobbies, going for a 3 mile run or walk or vegetating on the couch, can renew your energy.

You can re-energize yourself when experiencing burnout. Practice these tools to experience more success and happiness in life.

Best of success to you!

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